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What makes this tea for twenty-five years the price doubled 16000 times? Sohu and review: in Pu’er Tea, Gongpiao recruits, recruits, song song lanbiao restoration Chang and other dozens of millions of old tea tea, I believe many friends all know. But in addition to these well-known products, there are other products in ten or twenty years, worth more than 10000 times. The more common Puer tea is tea sold 1000 grams rectangular border area, before that brick tea is also called the "edge pin brick". The famous "Pu’er tea" is Menghai tea production, tea trademark, probably began production in 70 – 80s. The most famous tea in the "non rectangular brick tea is the Cultural Revolution". At present, the most promising, most famous is 100 grams of Pu’er tea "92 brick tea". Map: South beauty tea Pu’er tea 92 years making |1992 92 also known as the "brick brick brick tea" in 1992 when just a few cents (from the middle value of 5 corner) a brick, in 2000 when 4 yuan a brick. Today (2016) the market price of 5000-10000 yuan a brick brick range, we take the middle value of 8000 calculated from 92 years up to now have been worth over 16000 times; 2000 to now, 16 years of over 2000 times. That is what causes it to double it? In my opinion, the following main points: 1. Tea mainly uses 1 – Jing 3, whether it is from the aroma, taste, or stored for years after the comprehensive quality is excellent; II. Chen period for 25 years, quality has long been recognized by the market, the old people, and was once the tea friends of Menghai tea factory as the pinnacle of the year;. In addition, stored tea on the market, drink a small piece (scarce); 4. Pu’er Tea and speculation have some relationship. The welcome message; discuss; reminder: the Pu’er tea with the Cultural Revolution brick, which includes tea in many years, and confusion in the market, fake more, so choose to pay particular attention to tea. More about tea drink preservation, purchase collection, please add the South Ming beauty tea micro number: (long press copy) the exchange of learning. The mountain is most close to the old class, in fact, called the new man? The famous Pu’er tea secret – Iceland tea forgery what Pu’er Tea for deposit? (with no Feng as an example) spent ten thousand dollars to buy the old class chapter fake tea, actually also believe that is really concerned about Dong Gong said: No. dyshuocha read. This article by the tea network () first, click on the lower right corner of the subscription (free) Dong said tea相关的主题文章: