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Home-Improvement Leak detection is an essential process that can help you locate and identify leaks in places where you dont even know they exist. Its pretty obvious that theres a leak in the bathroom sink if you find a puddle underneath the pipes, and there are numerous other examples of obvious leaks that are right under your nose if you just open your eyes. However, the real challenge in solving leaky pipe issues is being able to detect leaks in pipes that are underground or even encased in concrete. Traditional methods of locating a leak were very destructive and resulted in costly repairs, but todays methods are much less invasive, so dont be afraid to have any suspicious situations checked out. Here are four signs you need to call in a leak detection specialist right away: You notice a sudden loss in water pressure that doesnt get better. You may suddenly experience a loss in water pressure one day, but if its better in a few hours or after a day goes by, the problem usually has to do with the supply line. Maybe the town had a water line break, etc. But that type of cause for a water pressure loss will get better in a short amount of time. If you notice that your faucets just arent spraying the way they used to and it doesnt get better in a day or so, its definitely time to get a leak detection specialist in. Your water bill suddenly seems extraordinarily high. When you get an abnormally high water bill, the first thing you should do is think back to what you did that month. Did you water the lawn excessively? Did you fill up the swimming pool? If you cant think of any reason why your water bill should be so high, then you should definitely have someone .e in and check for hidden leaks. Water is appearing and you dont know where its .ing from. In some cases, water may seem to start appearing right out of the ground in your backyard. If this happens, there is a good chance that the water is .ing from a leak in a line on your property. Youre purchasing or selling a home. Any time you make a transaction involving the purchase or sale of a property you need to have an inspection done. This is the only way you can be sure that the property you are purchasing is in good shape. Electronic leak detection is the best way to locate leaks you dont even know you have. This type of testing uses electronic equipment to actually find the leak so that you dont end up tearing up walls or floors in search of the leak. The right equipment can take you right to the problem area so that you dont have to do an unnecessary and unwanted remodeling. Electronic leak detection tends to reduce the cost of locating leaks quite drastically. There are several methods .monly used by plumbers. Rarefaction wave correlation, helium testing, and vibrational analysis are some .mon forms of electronic leak detection. The process even helps plumbers figure out what caused the leak in the first place so that the entire problem can be corrected. In most cases, poor workmanship is the cause of leaks, but when youre dealing with a leak thats underground and especially those that are in a slab, often shifting or settling is what creates the issue. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: