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Who said that Japan and South Korea is the highest security IIHS collision evaluation models – Auto Sohu [car] Sohu truth for each laboratory for Car Buying families, security is often the core theme, but many consumers will have a misunderstanding, the vehicle scale thickness, to determine whether safety, some Japanese and Korean car body thin, gently touched on out of the pit, concludes that Japan and South Korea is the car is not safe, but the fact is not like this? Do you want to know the final answer to this problem China consumers for many years the results may let us surprise, the latest results from the IIHS safety collision mechanism test showed that the 2016 annual TOP SAFETY PICK+ (top safety award +) medium 20-30 million level SUV level, it is Japan and South korea. There are a number of global security collision agencies, in which the United States IIHS and the European E-NCAP security collision test results obtained by the most authoritative, but also the most stringent. IIHS called the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (Insurance Institute for Highway Safety), is a non-profit organization funded by the Motors Insurance Corporation, is committed to reduce motor vehicle accidents caused casualties and property loss rate, based on the car between producers and consumers. IIHS crash test is one of the world’s most stringent test, in which 25% small overlap frontal crash test is the most stringent test vehicle with 64km h speed to the crash barrier, about 25% cars with wide area to the front side of the driver of the vehicle hit a 5 foot high rigid barrier crash simulation the real contact area of 100%, due to the collision of 25% small overlap frontal crash is smaller than we usually see a positive impact and 40% overlapping positive overlapping collision, so it has higher requirements on vehicle safety. The test results of IIHS is different from E-NCAP, not on the star rating, but from good to bad turn into a "Good" (excellent), "Acceptable" (acceptable), "Marginal" and "Poor" (pass) (difference) 4 grades. In order to obtain the "TOP SAFETY PICK (Top Safety Award)" or "TOP SAFETY PICK+ (top safety award +) top safety evaluation", the vehicle must be in all 5 crash tests (i.e., positive 40% offset collision, side collision, roof strength test, seat whiplash test and 25% small overlap frontal crash test) in the "Good" (excellent) level evaluation. At the same time, to enter the "TOP SAFETY PICK+" list, the test vehicle is also in the collision prevention system evaluation to get "Superior" (superior) or "Advanced" (Senior) evaluation. KIA L2016 IIHS TOP SAFETY PICK+ ‘(top safety award +) KIA Sorento L.相关的主题文章: