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Finance The offshore banking dream is persistent. When people think of offshore bank accounts they think of yachts, fast cars and perhaps a balmy tax have lifestyle to .plement it. Maybe it involves moving to another country entirely, life in a far land supported by a swiss bank account. One of the hardest first steps is finding offshore banking that you can trust. But offshore bank accounts are made hard to find by design, and the primary stages during offshore account opening can be treacherous. How many investors have trouble finding an offshore bank account that really keeps their information confidential? The solution many look for is bank secrecy. What is often overlooked is that bank secrecy can change. While Switzerland or Panama may offer extreme secrecy one year, the next year their laws might change, or outside pressure could lead to relaxed secrecy. Other jurisdictions like the Cayman Islands or the Channel Islands seem safe and private, when their secrecy is actually dependent on the generosity of high tax nations like the UK and US. Increasingly, alternatives are developing which allow private wire transfers and offshore banking irrespective of changes in bank secrecy – just how we imagined the secret Swiss bank account. If you acknowledge that bank secrecy in individual countries can change, the requirement then is a structure which holds strongg irrespective of financial privacy laws. Trust .panies can fulfill this need because they can accept client deposits without having to reveal individual identities to anyone. In this scenario the only way confidentiality can be broken is if a customer is convicted of a real, non-tax crime. Trust .pany confidentiality is totally independent of bank secrecy. While not absolutely guaranteed, (trust .pany law can also change) opening an offshore account this way will give you greater peace of mind, and a refuge for your wealth in a secluded place. Your options from here on in are unlimited. Invest in tax-free stocks, .modities or interest-bearing term deposits. You can shield your most important assets from the threat of frivolous litigation and corrupt administrators. Enticingly, you can buy gold offshore anonymously, as a secret store of wealth to hedge against inflation and financial crises that never seem to end. Your safe haven for wealth will let you conduct business free of foreign exchange controls, burdernsome administrative procedures and heavy taxes. While laws may change, your offshore options can continue to develop. Moving offshore is still within your reach! About the Author: 相关的主题文章: