Winter is suitable for eating root food experts recommend 3 health porridge kairui

Suitable for winter eating roots foods experts recommend 3 health porridge beginning of winter has passed, the winter is coming, Guangdong has some feel the breath of winter. We know that winter is suitable for health tonic, that season, what to eat? What is the food selection in winter? Here we come to understand the principles of winter diet. Winter to eat warm winter to eat warm food, not only refers to the temperature of the food, as well as the properties of food. Mutton, carrots, pumpkin, millet, caramel, orange, longan, jujube, Black Tea, and grain, nuts are the temperature of. Moreover, the best use of maltose instead of sugar, because sugar, sugar cool. Physical person cold winter, suitable for drinking Black Tea, plus the best of a few tablespoons of caramel. If the spleen and stomach, can add 10 grams of fried malt, after frying the food warming, the power to increase, after being mixed with boiling water, a cup of sweet food is suffused with the warm winter tea. Suitable for winter eating roots foods diet therapy should follow the "Yin in autumn and winter", "no interference between Yang", "fill the empty, cold warm" only with the changes in the four seasons and diet. Winter should eat less cold, but not dry, can eat some nourishing Yin Yang, a high calorie diet. Experts explained that the cold winter, especially in the north, you can eat beef and mutton, but in fact, the most suitable for winter food is food such as rhizome, yam, sweet potato, potato, radish, etc., these foods are long in the land of food, food belongs to the collection, convergence, so suitable for winter yin. In addition, the divergence of yang foods to eat less, such as leek should not be eaten. In addition, experts and we recommend 3 suitable for winter consumption of health porridge. 3 winter health porridge 1, yam porridge practice: yam cut into small pieces of spare. Boil the xiaomizhou, until Millet Congee 6 ripe add yam cooked. Then add the right amount of sugar or salt can (yam porridge can not cook too thin). Efficacy: Chinese yam has the function of invigorating spleen and stomach, replenishing qi and tonifying qi. Yam congee can play a fitness function, also have very good effect on children dyspepsia. 2, chestnut porridge practices: prepare rice, shelled chestnut. Wash chestnuts, cooked with water. Then the pot into the water, peel cooked chestnut and rice into the water boiled into porridge. Efficacy: chestnut porridge with stomach and kidney, strong waist and knee, strong bones and muscles of the role. Suitable for kidney backache, leg weakness and polyuria in the elderly take. 3, material: lamb mutton porridge 150 grams, 100 grams of rice, 5 grams of salt, pepper 3 grams, 2 grams of onion, ginger 2 grams. Methods: fresh mutton washed and put into boiling water for 5 minutes to remove reserve. The boiled mutton cut into 1cm square pieces, and rice into the casserole with boiled, boiled porridge and sticky when add salt, pepper, green onion, ginger can be. Note: the elderly should not blindly tonic, high fat, high calorie intake can not be too much, so as not to cause hypertension, coronary heart disease and other diseases.相关的主题文章: