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Women’s luggage theft purse open room records according to the police arrested the police according to the original title: open house records Nvzei arrested JINGWAH Times News (reporter Zhang Sijia) a beauty salon, Dongcheng female staff Wang theft of the store’s purse before leaving and took away a suitcase with. After the theft of a hotel near the king to open the room to rest, two hours after the police opened the room according to the records of the woman hiding in the hotel Wang captured. The reporter learned yesterday, Wang suspicion of theft has been Dongcheng police criminal detention. In September 4th 21 PM, East police station received a report that a beauty salon in the wallet is stolen. Store surveillance video shows that the store is very suspicious behavior of female employees wang. One of the staff rushed to the scene of the police, said Wang had to leave the window from the store, and that she did not promise. Subsequently, a staff member came back to say, he put in the rear window near the trunk disappeared. Police retrieved surveillance video of the shop, found that day at 15 am, Wang sitting in the front, hands turned things below. After a while, Wang quickly pulled out of something from the drawer, then went to the back of the shop window. Investigators through investigation and evidence collection, found Wang in a nearby hotel open room records. Day 23 am, police arrested Wang in the hotel. According to the 23 year old Wang said she came to the store to work for a long time. On the day of her work in the store, while fewer store people in front of the drawer, stealing a wallet. Worried about being discovered, she fled from the back window of the store. Escape, Wang was found on the ground in the trunk, on the way the hand will be stolen, "I did not expect just to find a hotel stay, he was captured". Editor: Ni Zijian相关的主题文章: