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Xi Jinping: "respect" is the fine traditions of the Chinese nation – Beijing, according to the study group in October 9th, at the beginning of September nine, the double ninth festival. A review of Xi Jinping article "young cadres to" respect "(see the end). This is the first time he signed article in the people’s Daily published (December 7, 1984 fourth edition of the lower left corner, behind a layout diagram), focus on "respecting" topic. "Respect", is the fine tradition of the Chinese nation. The working people from generation to generation, always put the "respect" in the life of Dade Xiangyanchengxi. For a long time, especially since eighteen, Xi Jinping "respect", is reflected in many aspects. Give a few examples (pictures from Xinhua news agency, etc.). From November 24, 2013 to 28, Xi Jinping visits Shandong. 25 PM, he in Zhu village located yimenglaoqu Linshu County Cao Zhen took kindly at the age of 83 years old before Wang Kechang’s hand went to his home to visit (September 9, 2016 thirty-second), in the teachers’ day, Xi Jinping came to Beijing City Bayi school, visit condolences to the majority of teachers and students. Educators to extend holiday greetings and sincere greetings) (December 29, 2012 to 30, Xi Jinping in Fuping County of Hebei province to visit condolences to the needy. This is Xi Jinping in the town of Longquanguan camel Bay Village to see the difficulties of the masses of Tang Rongbin (November 3, 2013), Xi Jinping in Xiangxi Tujia and Miao Autonomous Prefecture of Huayuan County, came to the eighteen hole village of poor households to support home. Xi Jinping hold the old man’s hand asked age, I heard the old man 64 years old, he said: "you are big sister." (December 28, 2013) according to Xinhua news agency Xinhua viewpoint reported in micro-blog, Sijiqing home, is carrying out the reading activities of the elderly to see the general secretary, very excited, enthusiastic to invite the general secretary to listen to their song "reading" health. Xi Jinping listened carefully, with the old people exchange experience. He said, it is never too late to learn. To maintain a healthy state of mind and body, we must rely on such a positive spirit. I get a lot of inspiration from your reading activities. (January 20, 2014), the Central Military Commission in Beijing army cadres condolences to welcome the Spring Festival held in Beijing. The general secretary of the CPC Central Committee, state president and CMC Chairman Xi Jinping attended to all army veteran comrades, the army retired cadres, New Year greetings and blessings (March 17, 2014), Xi Jinping arrived Lankao County, Henan Province, he in the second batch of the mass line of educational practice point of contact – visit dongbatouxiang zhangzhuangcun 85 year old Zhang Jingzhi (November 1, 2014), Xi Jinping came to the Fuzhou Gulou District in the community home-based care services station to visit the elderly people’s health and longevity, Zhu Lao) below, some old photos): young cadres to "respect" the people’s daily, the fourth edition of 1984.12.07 Author: Xi Jinping in recent years, along with the institutional reform, a large number of old cadres active relegated to the two or three line, the burden to the young cadres. How can the latter be provoked.相关的主题文章: