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Xiamen Haicang tiger was arrested: Police fled after the injury control by the zoo – Sohu news @ Haicang news release, 4 on the morning of 10 pm, 110 command center received a report, Haicang zoo a tiger ran out from the cage into the park. Haicang police and City Public Security Bureau police detachment mobilized police station after receiving the instruction of Haicang and the SWAT team of police rushed to the scene immediately. Haicang District government leaders arrived at the scene, the scene command. Because Haicang zoo is moving, no tourists in the park. Site headquarters in order to avoid the tiger rushed out of the park, endangering the masses, and immediately organize urban construction and other relevant departments to close the park, strengthen the gap, evacuate the surrounding masses, and call the UAV into the park search tiger. After nearly 3 hours of searching, trying to determine the tiger position after anesthesia measures, because the tiger hiding in the woods, shrubs, not close to the tiger to the anesthesiologist effective shooting distance, need to find the best shooting position. 15:30 Xu, the tiger suddenly rushed out of the woods, ready to escape the park. In order to avoid mass damage, on-site disposal of the Swat decisive shot, the tiger wounded control by the zoo after treatment.相关的主题文章: