Xiamen police handling the rape of prostitutes practice under the guise of fraud and Pianse diying

Xiamen police practice news handling rape of prostitutes under the guise of fraud and Pianse from the people’s court at Xiamen: a student association, to assist the police investigators, police station was in custody by a prostitute. A few days, the police not only defrauded the practice prostitution of women 100 thousand + money, also three combo: robbery! Fraud! And raped prostitutes!!! Recently, the Xiamen intermediate people’s Court on the case of two trial verdict! More details continue to look down.. Things like this: the police station police Chen began to practice repeatedly, to assist the police arrest and custody of criminal suspects. In August 11, 2015 22 PM, Chen in the police station to assist the police custody of the prostitutes Liu Moushi, Liu defrauding the trust, and to help her keep money in Alipay on the grounds, set off Liu Alipay account and password, and two times the Liu Alipay account 95 thousand and 200 yuan, to their own Bank card. Then, Chen spent a part of them, and the remaining 60 thousand yuan transferred to their construction bank card. On the 17 day of the month, prostitutes Liu looking for money for Chen, Chen said: the money has been spent!!! Cattle? Assist to do the case can take the line and prostitution… Can not help but ask: the world is swollen! But the best is yet to come… Assault and threatened him to pull back to the hotel room… Sixth days two people, in August 17, 2015 23, prostitutes should provide services for Zhang Chen in a hotel in the Siming District of Xiamen City, Chen to "police" by Zhang’s view of Alipay mobile phone, and asked her to transfer from Alipay 50 thousand yuan to the account. Zhang said Alipay transfer can not be timely arrival from the Minsheng Bank card to withdraw cash 10 thousand yuan to Chen, Chen took Zhang to take money out, Zhang began to escape and call for help… At this time, Chen grabbed the prostitutes: constantly beaten and verbal threats, then he will be back to the hotel room of prostitutes, forced her to have sex, and women in prostitution 100 thousand yuan Alipay into its bank card. Zhang after the victim was found near the police station to find a report. Beatings, rape: practice fraud police eventually sentenced to punishment… August 18, 2015, the public security organs in Chen residence will be arrested, and its industrial bank card 100 thousand yuan freeze. Court verdict: Chen guilty of robbery and sentenced to ten years imprisonment, guilty of fraud, sentenced in two years and four months, guilty of rape, sentenced to imprisonment punishment in three years and six months, decided to implement fourteen years imprisonment, fined 30 thousand yuan. Then, Chen for robbery and rape that appeal, recently, Xiamen intermediate people’s court held that Chen illegal possession for the purpose of fictional facts, cheat others money totaling 95 thousand and 200 yuan, the larger amount, his behavior constituted the crime of fraud; illegal possession for the purpose of Mining Bureau相关的主题文章: