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Xianju rock paintings: Mystery – waiting to be announced in 2002, in Xianju County of Taizhou City, Zhejiang Province, a few patterns on a rock Zhuxi small rock is a local high school teacher accidentally discovered, was later confirmed to be the spring and Autumn period of Yue people left the rock, then fill the gaps in Zhejiang Province rock archaeology. After that, Xianju has found many paintings, a total of 9, 13 points, which is composed of Longshan rock paintings, rock paintings of Fang Yan send small, central Xianju, Xitang rock pit carved ancient Yue rock group, has become the seventh batch of national key cultural relics protection units in 2013. This piece in the rock show of wisdom of the ancestors of the "historical name card", is what kind of? What is the value? What is the steep rock pattern of Xianju has a long history, as early as 9000 years ago in the Neolithic age, there is human life here. According to historical records, the Eastern Jin Dynasty had found that rock paintings in Ming Dynasty and discovered a "fairy stone". Starting from the county, after forty or fifty minutes, then 15 minutes walk along the road, they came to the town of Xitang village zhang. In the village of Shek Pik on the hillside, about 1000 square meters of rock paintings, rock paintings is the largest community in southeast coastal areas. The steep rock was covered with the size of the pattern, smooth lines, rough strokes, simple style. According to reports, here like the flowers, tangible snake, chessboard, sun, chopper, portrait image more than and 100, of which 9 different forms of serpentine pattern is very rare. Fu Street should send Longshan feet of weeds, and the rock in a trapezoidal overhead on the wall. The whole rock stone is hard, a total of 12 layers, each layer of rock surface and the surrounding cliffs chisel with characters, snake shaped, building shape, shape, sun M word lattice symbol of about 50, arranged according to a certain order, there is a sun like round, round lines from the center outward radiation. 2002, when the second Zhejiang provincial historical and cultural heritage survey. Xianju Zhuxi middle school art teacher Ding Yuliang found the county cultural relics department staff, said a few years ago students painting activities, found the Zhuxi small rocks on a rock, engraved with various patterns, but did not know its meaning. Cultural relics department will be sent to the Provincial Bureau of cultural relics. Wang Bomin and other experts by on-the-spot investigation, after verification, confirmed that it is a rock. Rock paintings in Xianju for the first time since then tuck up the veil. Later, around the Xianju rock paintings have been found. As of now, have been found in the 9 sites total area of about 3000 square meters, the overall well preserved. The typical pattern is serpentine, birds, birds, horses, fish head, body shape, shape, like the sun shaped wood knife shaped, hoe rake, checkerboard more than and 220, among them, serpentine pattern common rake hoe. According to the preliminary research experts, these paintings carved into ancient Shang and Zhou Dynasties to the spring and Autumn period of Yue people in southeast coastal areas, is the largest area of rock community. Some Xianju rock paintings discovered in recent years, there have been different patterns in the past, as early as 2014 in Potan Xiang Tangkan village found a portrait paintings "pattern, more abstract, time may be more late". But in addition to the current Xianju nationality rock group of 4 rock paintings have early)相关的主题文章: