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Xinhua China Press: the Japanese government debt money how to do? – Beijing, Beijing, November 14, Japan Xinhua China Press 14 journal article said that in 2015 the size of the debt of up to 1088 trillion yen (about 80 trillion yuan), ranked first in the world of the Japanese government still spends money like water in general, large debts dead to all feeling. Article excerpts are as follows: in November 7th, the Japanese Accounting Review Institute president Kato Hikaruhiko to prime minister Abe Shinzo submitted a "2015 annual inspection report". Last year, a total of 455 cases of Japan’s waste of national tax, the amount of waste reached a total of 1 trillion and 219 billion yen (about $78 billion 100 million), is 7.8 times in 2014. Among them, the financial department of the "willful", wasted 10964 billion yen; the labour ministry also let 33 billion 700 million yen boondoggle. The military, Kagoshima County Air Self Defense Force early warning radar because of bad need to be replaced, innocent spend 2 billion 458 million 150 thousand yen. Nuclear power is not fuel-efficient lights, electronic line new Shimane meter due to the power shortage caused by the loss of 15 million 300 thousand yen. In addition to waste, the accounting review court also found a large number of fake invoices to defraud funds. Although in the delivery ceremony, Andouble reluctantly, but still with a slow pace, but out of the heavy hands, with stiff face posed for pictures, Andouble sighed and sat down on the sofa. Andouble is very anxious, because the Democratic Party was in power, because the waste of national taxes, thoroughly angered people in Japan, the support rate fell sharply, and finally lost power. This is no exception, the Japanese people have come out sounding. There are people that must have to stand out, Congress should pay. Some people say that this is only part of the fact that more waste is hidden. More people said that if the company had closed down, do not want to pay taxes. So, why the Andouble administration dare so generous? First of all, Andouble’s economics". Since Abe took office, and put several arrows, the Bank of Japan also started with a large open HKNPL machine, let them fly. The Japanese government also began to be busy at putting up installations also is in this process, and some of the strict audit projects hastily pass, resulting in a large waste of the. Second, turn a blind eye to the international environment. The printing press open caused by the depreciation of the yen, received some rising export stimulus effect in the short term. However, with the Fed rate hike, a British exit near, emerging market weakness and other factors, the rapid appreciation of the yen as a safe haven currency, largely offset by Andouble the role of the government desperately hknpl. Without careful consideration of international risks, not fully prepared in advance, but also an important reason for the loss of the financial department. Finally, the opposition party is unable to form the effective supervision and control of the Andouble administration. Because of the Liberal Democratic Party in Parliament House and Senate majority seats, resulting in Andouble’s cabinet in office. Although the opposition parties also carried out a variety of fierce opposition, but there is no practical effect. But all kinds of beans)相关的主题文章: