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Xu Qin: to strengthen security measures   resolutely prevent the occurrence of serious accidents – Shenzhen channel — people.com.cn original title: to strengthen security measures to implement the safety responsibility and resolutely prevent serious accidents occurred in the morning of September 29th, Shenzhen mayor Xu Qin during the national day of production safety work carried out deployment, he stressed, should be attached to the safety in production string, to further strengthen the security measures, the implementation of security responsibilities, and resolutely prevent serious accidents, so that the public and deep visitors to spend a happy holiday safety. Xu Qin, we must resolutely prevent serious production safety accidents, for fire protection, traffic, dangerous slope, ground subsidence and other key areas, key areas of the District, the relevant departments and units to deploy again checked and strengthen the security measures implemented; to enhance the tourism safety level, strengthen the inspection of special equipment. To strengthen tourists self awareness education, so that citizens and tourists to deep have a safe happy holiday; to strengthen the hazardous chemicals, flammable and explosive goods production, storage, transportation and use of safety supervision, strengthen the supervision of law enforcement, and levels of responsibility; to strengthen the emergency duty duty, make contingency plans, to ensure that the emergency rescue science timely and effective. (reporter GaN) (commissioning editor Yuan Liyun and Chen Yuzhu) 许勤:强化安全措施 坚决防范重特大安全事故发生–深圳频道–人民网 原标题:强化安全措施 落实安全责任 坚决防范重特大安全事故发生   9月29日上午,深圳市长许勤就国庆期间全市安全生产工作进行了部署,他强调,要时刻绷紧安全生产这根弦,进一步强化安全措施,落实安全责任,坚决防范重特大安全事故发生,让市民和来深游客度过一个安全欢乐的假期。   许勤要求,要坚决防范重特大安全生产事故,对于消防、交通、危险边坡、地面塌陷等重点区域、重点领域,各区各相关部门和单位要再部署再检查再强化,把安全措施落到实处;要提升旅游景区安全水平,加强对特种设备的检查,加强游客自我防范意识教育,让市民和来深游客度过一个安全欢乐的假期;要强化对危险化学品、易燃易爆物品生产、储存、运输和使用的安全监管,加强执法监察,层层落实责任;要加强应急值班值守,做好应急预案,确保应急救援科学、及时、有效。(记者 甘霖) (责编:袁俪芸、陈育柱)相关的主题文章: