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You see the stars in the sky, is my sister got to talk about. Sohu, science and technology day of the Milky way around friends around the poor girl, now do not know what are your weekend arrangements. The two day of the Hangzhou sun, Shichao to night should be able to see the stars, can go to look at the stars about the girl the way to talk about life! Look at the stars although it is romantic, but if the sister came out that is what the stars… The world is going to be sparta! But the world has never done anything that is not sure! Because there is it! StarWalk2 is a lot of astronomy enthusiasts will install App, it can be said that StarWalk2 is the earliest and most comprehensive and authoritative group of astronomical applications. (from the peacock loudly tell you that he is a full-featured App) and the Almighty God is whether they can be used in day and night, indoor and outdoor?? ~ if you open the StarWalk2 you can see the stars around you like a. As the location changes, will also show more starry sky scene… (for you day and night and the stars the sun face to face, side by side) open the upper left corner of the camera?? button to use real function, strengthen the real-time viewing effect ~ comparison chart to the wave of real function: during the day, at the table…?? The night sky scene…?? By contrast, Shichao suggestions in the outdoor environment + night use real function?? not only that StarWalk also marked out all the names of the planets, convenient you can quickly remember. Figure 3D constellation effect ornamental is good ~ (even the international gamma ray Astrophysics Laboratory "marked) can also search you want to sign, stars, planets, nebulae, stars and satellites in the App constellation and list corresponding to the basis of these stars, planets and other content are listed in table StarWalk2 is free to unlock all the items, please obediently surrender your skills to 40¥ (soft currency; single skill is unlocked, ranging from 6-18 yuan ~) using the Chinese currency to buy the project will provide more professional knowledge of astronomy. In this " " sports equipment; nebula as an example, he provides a variety of data with the Horsehead Nebula and Wikipedia (see link… Shi Chao read-only two values: constellation and the distance to the sun) if the friends of astronomical curiosity Shichao suggest you unlock all the skills! If it is just a day to use, free version is enough ~ in fact, think about, learn astronomical knowledge, not only in a circle of friends show. Can occasionally go out for a walk on the sister, look at the stars and the moon, to talk about poetry Fu ~ ~ gathered a variety of interesting, fun App applications, interested in it, WeChat public number: Appiction相关的主题文章: