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Yue Yunpeng apprentice: don’t know whether they will be red only practical work – Entertainment Sohu Yue Yunpeng recalls his apprentice   Sohu; entertainment news on August 30th, Yue Yunpeng issued a recall process of his apprentice, also said he had a new identity: "suddenly, I also became a master, I want to be in the National Palace received three of my own the apprentice today." He called his emotion, was one of those who is very stupid, learning crosstalk is very boring, but fortunately insisted. Now received and himself, with three disciples from the countryside, do not know whether they can be red, but "work hard, honest, we will move toward more stage." Micro-blog: I was at the beginning of 2004 the Hai Wan Ju noodles to go to eat, Mr. Zhao Tiequn looked at me and Kong Yunlong ran very fast, very enthusiastic to help us serve the guests, introduced with my master, then that is Arabian Nights, rural out of work may not be a comic actor, and I even cross talk is what I don’t know, it declined. A few days of Mr. Zhao second mention this thing, the class I went to the hospital, the Yellow IC card telephone booth to my mother called and said I want to learn a technology, do not want to be a waitress, give me two years. This year I will not go to send money home, after two years if I couldn’t go back to farming, the parents’ approval. Let me rest assured that bold to say that I should be a young Chuang chuang. I quit my job to study the formal Deyunshe crosstalk, which the boring boring, believe that only we know, we are brothers are stupid, very stupid, I belong to the latter, I have only two roads, one hell-bent learning, two, back to Henan for early, I do not retreat at that time only, hell-bent learning, although the future a little. After various changes, I have the chance, the master gave me the chance on TV, thank you Taiai, I am very lucky to have more love. June 12, 2009 is a memorable day, when I was officially under the master’s door to become a real comedian. Over the past seven years, I love to talk did not change, my love of master teacher Niang did not change. Today, I was moving towards a new level, with a new identity, suddenly, I also became a master. I want to be in the National Palace, received three of my own disciple today, they come from the countryside like me, they like me have a comic dream, I don’t know what the future comic way can go far, I don’t know if I can take the disciple of famous, but I know the old man to work, to be honest. We will go to a bigger stage.相关的主题文章: