Zhang Jizhong responded Fan Xin man in the story is nonsense-cibi

Zhang Jizhong responded: Fan Xin man in the story is simply nonsense Zhang Jizhong (data plan) WCC news August 30th, the media suddenly exposed the famous director Zhang Jizhong’s wife fan Xin man secretly derailed the news, his son Xiao Qi stem. In response to this news, the evening of 30 August, when fan Xin Xing in Beijing, Changping District, the District Office in the house of the seven, that is, Shaw’s residence held a press conference, the West China Metropolis Daily reporter rushed to the scene of the scene, the company said, on the evening of. In the press conference, fan Xin man to be back on the news, and in the field to the Huaxi city newspaper and other media published Zhang Jizhong Yang Xiaosan and 3 year old illegitimate child photos, but the photos is only a strange woman alone holding a child, there is no relationship between any evidence and directed by Zhang Jizhong. Not pictured. Fan Xin man also claimed that Zhang Jizhong was broke, shooting twenty years, pay, stock, plus overseas industry, at least 300 million of property. News came out, causing a large number of hot friends. Zhang Jizhong (data map) today (31) morning Beijing time at about 7, the West China Metropolis Daily reporter, after several contacts, finally opened the phone far away in the United States, I call my own, exclusive interview to the Zhang Jizhong of the. When the West China Metropolis Daily reporter just to prove to him whether to raise small three?" "Do you have a 3 year old bastard?" "Is there a property of 300 million?" When Zhang Jizhong laughed on the phone, he kept on saying, "will the audience believe? Would you believe it? Fan Xinman is making up a story. Nonsense, out of thin air. She said I had a 3 – year – old bastard A woman in the street holding a child, also can be said to be my Zhang Jizhong’s lover and children? Now the media reported according to a truly is the rain,? This is not the basis of the report, slander, to bear legal responsibility." Zhang Jizhong (information) Zhang Jizhong received a telephone interview with reporters Huaxi city in the United States, in the conversation, he did not blame too much and his wife Fan Xinman: "we are not between husband and wife divorce affair, it is necessary to make all the people know? There is a need to open a press conference to affect our work? Sheer boredom." Zhang Jizhong said, the Internet broke the news yesterday afternoon the so-called wife fan Xin man secretly derailed man son Xiao Qi. The micro-blog news, he did not know who burst, he also saw the news online. WCC reporter Zhang Jizhong to verify, "excuse me, Zhang Fan Xin man and Xiao Qi does?" Zhang Jizhong (Figure) "I don’t know. You know the people around me, you can understand! Can also be directly asked Xiao Qi. The man claiming to be my son." Zhang Jizhong finally Frank: "I really put forward to the agreement of the agreement. But I think, this is our personal, I is a couple years of friendship based on protecting her reputation. Fan Xinman asked so many reporters that it was boring to divorce our couple’s divorce. There is also a fan Xin man when reporters face insults planted on me a lot, all of her words and I out of thin air, said he was very sorry and ashamed. I’m Zhang Jizhong, who knows, my friends know, and a lot of people know. I don’t want to say anything more.相关的主题文章: