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Zhang Tian’ai status is not guaranteed? Wenzhuo when the new national husband – Sohu entertainment by Wenzhuo starred in the 2016 film "hottest fantasy hunting spirit teacher of Bloodstone" has been officially launched in September 9th letv. Previously, LETV has launched a popular network drama "Princess", has held the red in the film "hero" Pengpeng, make it become a "national husband". However, her position is in jeopardy! As LETV devaluation of the first ecological film, "hunting spirit division of the Bloodstone" a line is paid more attention, which the actor Wenzhuo nature is also the focus of attention. Recently, Wenzhuo asked "" Princess "in Zhang Tianai is called the national husband, you will have pressure," he said with a smile of self-confidence, "no pressure! Because I’m disguising the boys, Zhang Tianai can be so beautiful when the ‘National wife’! I also hope you can a new term" National husband "." The witty reply attracted the audience bursts of applause, fans have praised the men of God is so humorous and optimistic Wenzhuo "," the new national husband appeared, the crowd". In the new spirit of "hunting division Bloodstone", Wenzhuo Congyi gave his best performances. In order to play the Su Yang, Wenzhuo exposes the novel complete read three times, try to figure out his characteristics. In addition, he is offered "ugly", "Su Yang because he could not lead to occupation is a very fair, so when I let the crew makeup to me with a dark foundation, try to restore the original role." New national husband degree of professionalism is evident. It is reported that the "hunting spirit teacher Bloodstone" mainly tells the story of a man named Su Yang "stick" is the eight family out of the capital, he was prepared to go flat in one piece, but was forced to strange events.相关的主题文章: