Zhao Liying’s feet are too small to wear high heels, but the key moment can help-yuanjiao

Zhao Liying’s foot is too small can not wear high heels, but the key moment can help on the feet of Zhao Liying, is a commonplace talk of an old scholar. Simple to sum up Zhao Liying’s foot is only 34 yards, never buy foot high heels – of course I can definitely get to buy Taobao, but Zhao Liying could not wear so cheap shoes, if you go to customize those big brands of shoes, Zhao Liying was reluctant, she would rather save up to their roads, to the poor mountain students buy school bus. This topic is too much to say, so that Zhao Liying’s fans, but also became a full control. Zhao Liying’s feet, rouhuhu really adorable! This is not aesthetic regression? The old society to love the three inch! There are fans to find out before Zhao Liying footprints. Others are such, wide and flat, not obvious. But Zhao Liying’s feet are small, so the force is small. So, good clear! But, say, every time Zhao Liying attended the event, are wearing so much bigger heels, feel very easy to turn ah, is also very easy to get rid of your shoes. But for so many years, never seem to have an accident? What is the reason? It’s really a hundred thoughts. Only recently discovered, "rouge" stills, had exposed Zhao Liying wearing high-heeled shoes tips.相关的主题文章: