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Zhengzhou 84 year old self-made "Metro way" software only three days – Beijing, Beijing, Zhengzhou, October 25, (Wang Qiulan) who lives in Henan, Zhengzhou, 84 year old Feng Yunhuai, is the former chief engineer of Henan Provincial Bureau of Surveying and mapping, but also a "strange old man", in recent years, with "it is never too late to learn the old" enthusiasm, similar to Photoshop, word and other software, he just did not fall. With the Metro Line 1 and line 2 opened, in order to make the public more convenient and faster to take the bus, he spent only three days on the preparation of a "subway way" of small software. This software in the end how to use? And what kind of role? 25, the reporter went to the old man Feng Yunhuai, in order to more intuitive to reporters, he opened the computer operating demonstration. The reporter noted, "the subway ask" the entire page looks at a glance, the top of the page display is bold with black "subway ask words, then on the right shows the subway line 2, the specific time of trial operation, the final edge marked with the specific use of the software, click one of the site to the subway exit the route map, each subway next to record the relevant agencies near the bus lines, schools, hospitals and other information. Old Feng Yunhuai said: "if you Zijingshan from the subway station to go out, Bayside Kong Park, you can see all the bus lines in Zijingshan through this software, click on any bus line search, you can find the information you need. Go back to the original page, click the Zijingshan site, in accordance with the instructions next to the text, you can find out which from the subway station, and you can find the bus." In the interview, the reporter also learned that as early as three years ago, the opening of Metro Line 1, old Feng Yunhuai has made a "subway way" software. Start running in the Metro Line 2, the old man Feng Yunhuai began his work again, and take the subway to specialized information collection each site, reference to previous experience, the production of software he took only three days. He said, compared with the subway line, this software is more convenient to use, faster. "I’ve been to a lot of city, there is a relation between the degree of civilization of a city and the Metro subway, after the completion of the dozens or even hundreds of bus lines together, and form a network node of this network in the subway, passengers, scattered here, so I think to do this, in order to facilitate the realization of the subway and bus ride in the shortest time." Feng Yunhuai said the old man. Why will the software named "Metro way"? Feng Yunhuai replied, "the way" is a very popular vocabulary, is a name from the subway exit to take public transportation, but also in order to facilitate people to remember and understand. Although the software is relatively perfect, but Feng Yunhuai Claus did not stop exploring, instead there is a new idea, and hope to be able to make this software with the real-time traffic of each road link together, he believes that the only way to meet the public demand for information, so as to more effectively achieve the subway)相关的主题文章: