Zhongzhou futures futures Insurance Real Estate led the station MA60-ddrtys

Zhongzhou futures futures: Insurance Real Estate led the station MA60 22, IF1610 to 3245.6 points gapped on the strong side of the shock, closing at 3262.8 points, compared with the previous trading day settlement price rose 31, turnover of 10550 hand positions Zengcang 821 to 30349 hand in hand; IH1610 to 2184.8 points gapped, closing at 2189.6 points, up 13 points to 6280 points; IC1610 tiaokonggaokai, closing at 6293.2 points, up 48.2 points. Prime Minister Li Keqiang said that China will promote economic development by further opening up, because experience said closed door policy will only lead to economic stagnation. China will not promote the development of China’s economy. Beijing time today at 2 weeks, the Fed’s choice and reduced the expected future halt the troops and wait, interest rates for several years. Yellen said at the press conference, this week is not to raise interest rates is based on the judgment of the economy, if the labor market growth, there is no new risk, is expected to raise interest rates this year. Today, the stock index once again showing a strong shocks trend, real estate, insurance and other weight plate led a strong, zhongpan to accept a candle. At present, the overall market is still bottoming shock pattern, the trend of the market is difficult to see the rose fell, not expired now refers to both stand on the 60 day moving average, short-term technical form strong undoubtedly has reference after the prompt, backed by 60 day moving average in more than one can hold below, stop. (Zhongzhou: Tianzhang futures) [shares] into Sina Finance discussion相关的主题文章: